Today’s and Future Technology Electric Cars

Today, the capacity of oil reserves is rapidly decreasing. According to experts, we will be able to use oil for up to 40 years. As producers are aware of this fact, in recent years they have begun to allocate most of their arge studies for electric cars.

The electric car was originally brought to my country by Renault. As we remembered, the Fluence ZE had an all-electric motor. Thanks to the engine being electric, there is virtually no motor sound in the car with almost zero emissions.

Now many companies have switched to electric car production. In order to buy an electric car in our country, you have to give a tax under the name of battery tax. Besides the taxes, electric cars are still expensive. But electric car technology is always improving. Be confident that in the future you will have a very strong market for cars. In addition, electric cars will start to multiply over time, and prices will also be cheaper. Charging in a short time is quite advantageous in terms of time.

There are mobile charging points in Europe and some Asian countries. These charge points, which operate with petroleum office logic, charge the car with much higher current than in the case of home electric power. You pay according to the energy you use.

A new faded Formula E series for the car race

The Formula E is a new racing series, powered only by electrically powered vehicles. Test drives were launched in 2013 for the Formula E, which was promoted by the FIA (International Automobile Federation) The first season races in Beijing, the opening of which was staged in London in 2014-2015, took place with the participation of many countries. Formula E’s first champion is Brazilian racing car pilot Nelson Piquet Jr.

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