Tesla’s Electric Truck Model is On The Road Soon!

Tesla is the brand that comes to mind first when it comes to electric vehicles. After automobile models, these very good TIR models, which are wide and long vehicles, will also show their way on the road. Information about TIR’s designs and features began to spread in the social media.

Tesla’s electric truck model is on the road soon!

Totally electric Tesla TIR will be out soon. After a week of TIR’s fall to social media, a designer made high-resolution photos by guessing how the car to be released next month would look like.

The expectations for the TIR planned to be announced on November 16 are rather high. According to Elon Musk’s statement, the TIR will be a model of ‘used as a sports car’, using Tesla Model 3’s parts. In a TED talk he made in April, Musk said, “To demonstrate with an Tesla Semi that an electric TIR can have more force momentum than any semi-diesel powertrain.”

A model that reflects the simple and stylish concept perfectly

Peisert Design’s proprietary web designer Jan Peisert brought together a leaked photo last week with a promotional video of Musk released in April. Peisert compared these two materials and obtained several designs. In some photographs we see Tesla Semi alone, and in others we see Nikola One together. Nikola One is a hydrogen powered electric TIR planned to be launched into the market in 2021. “The design I created is very similar to Tesla’s,” explains Inverse. I do not think that a more futuristic design should be used because firstly people have to get familiar with electric TIR. The simple and clean image of the design went well. Especially besides Nikola One, the Tesla TIR is a very prominent model. ”


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