What Exactly Means The Purchase Of An E-Car Today?

Anyone traveling with an small electric car knows that regular charging is important. At home, this can often be done at the home socket. But what about on the way? In some towns near Lower Saxony, the Metank filling stations are now offering a charging station for e- cars. In principle, nothing unusual. But a look behind the scenes is always worthwhile.


According to the Federal Environment Agency,small electric cars offer the best opportunities to sustainably reduce gas emissions and energy consumption in road traffic.Here are the main reasons:


Good For The Environment


The most important reason why small electric cars are increasingly gaining momentum is, of course, climate protection: electric cars emit  no CO2 emissions during operation and are therefore an important contribution to the fight against climate change.


Easy Handling


The operation of small electric cars are very simple: The refueling of modern models can be done on normal sockets; In addition, a growing network of charging stations is available – such as can be found in car parks or can be rebuilt at any point.


Tax Benefits


Since the beginning of this year, pure electric cars entitle to input tax deduction, so far this advantage was only to be asserted for small trucks and minibuses. By doing so, the governments want to give companies an additional incentive.


Modern Technology


Range and reliability are two criterias that are important in an electric car. These vehicles are already well suited for traffic in urban areas, and new technologies – such as generating energy when braking – will further increase the range. And electric cars are in terms of equipment not behind the models with diesel or gasoline engines back.


Good For The Image


Do good things and talk about it: Electric cars can also positively emphasize the image of a company. If you want to prove that protecting the climate is a more important service, you have the opportunity to prove this on the road day by day and in good visibility with the use of electric cars.


A Small Car Of The Future


Not only can some models be charged via the mains, it also draws its energy from solar cells. Already with a power charge, the e-car can then cover the 250 km. This kind of business model seems to be of interest to several customers.


Over 250,000 models are in the planning stage and are produced by a European manufacturer. The financing is thus secured for the company.


How Far Do Small Electric Cars On The Road Get Under Real Conditions? 


That means here: In the normal mode, with heating, light and common street tires, thus without all the special regulations, which are valid for the official tests on the test stand. The standard cycle that manufacturers have to pass to register for a car is far from realistic.


The manufacturers defend their range figures: The tests on the test bench were used for comparability. The next test cycle will then become more realistic. Renault for example also emphasizes that in the sales prospectus and on-line, there is a range under real conditions: 200 to 300 kilometers possible.


Renault also notes that consumption has been over-charged in the test. The cable used for reloading has a higher loss when reloading. When charging at a charging station with standard equipment consumption would have been smaller.


Hybrids Now Get A Discount


Some manufacturers even beat the official premium.Cheapest electric car on the European market – so now may call two vehicles. The Citroën C-Zero, powered by a 49 kW electric motor, costs through the premium only 15,500 euros, including battery.


The Citroën C-Zero is not only identical to the Peugeot Ion, the prices are identical. Although both cars are only 3.50 meters long, but can accommodate four people. The range indicates the manufacturer with 150-180 kilometers.


The Mitsubishi iMiev has a name that does not really sound like clean, or at least odorless; the model name stands for “Mitsubishi Integrated Electric Vehicle”. The Japanese manufacturer has offered the four-seat electric car (49 kWh, 150 km range) so far for 23,000 euros, through the promotion, the price now drops to 19,500 euros.


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