Golf resim

Volkswagen’s Golf is a popular car. Now available as a diesel, petrol, plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle, Volkswagen’s engineers have nailed it on the head and managed to create a car that’s incredibly adept. Minor performance updates have made a major difference to the way it drives and it’s now almost as much fun as a GTI around a track. Not as fast, obviously, but then again you won’t have a horrendous fuel bill to pay at the end of the day either. And then there’s the rest of the package. Updated instrument cluster and centre console makes a surprisingly big user-difference, possibly enough to put the e-Golf at the top of the tree.

Golf resim-3

It’s genuinely difficult to choose between the perfection of the e-Golf, the endearing drive of the loniq Electric and the proven durability of the Leaf in this category. However, the Leafs age shows and it offers less equipment, quality and driving enjoyment than the other two here. That’s understandable, as the oldest car here and its available cheaper too. The loniq has an impressive five- year warranty and is arguably more enjoyable to drive with its paddle-shift EV modes. And then there’s the e-Golf. This is the one you jump in, if in doubt. Golfs ooze quality and no more so than the electric model, where the taughtness of fit and finish can really be enjoyed with a vibration-free motor. Minor performance updates also offer a major improvement


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