Tesla Model S P85D Review

Tesla’s electric cars almost opened the horizon. Moreover, the continuation of production has also been shown to be an end product of an alternative product to fossil fuels. A big step for engineers and humanity …

The P85D is a very powerful tool. It’s fast with batteries that last a few days. In addition to being fast, it is very quiet thanks to electric motors, very comfortable and very suitable for daily driving.

The driver’s seat and driving feel of the P85D are absolutely spectacular; but the driver’s seat is just one of 5 seats. How about taking a seat in the passenger seat of such a car?

Both the front and rear passenger seats are extremely comfortable and spacious. even the vehicle you see outside is as wide as you would expect. The electric motor should take up less space than you think; both in the cabin and in your feet.

One of the most spectacular features of the P85D, the new member of the Model S series, is the 17-inch giant screen in the front console.

Great, very nice; but not perfect.

On this screen you can listen to XM, AM / FM and some 3G supported radios. The best part about listening to music is that you can control your radio with voice command; when you say with the desired play command, your screen starts to find and play the song from Slacker.

We said that the P85D came from beyond our time; but unfortunately the incoming charging stations did not end up with it and finding the charging station could be a challenge. But think: Before you became so popular with LPG, did every station have an LPG pump?

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