Tesla Model 3 Review

If you can get much more detailed information on its own page, it is short; ‘100% electric 100% uncompromising automobile, with the price to appeal to the masses, without compromise and without anyone seeing 400,000 pre-orders.’

Driver-side Camera!

This detail, discovered in official photographs, may be the first example of a new species. With the exception of the 8 autopilot and autonomous driveable cameras, it is not yet known what the 9th cocoon-looking camera can be used for. Because Tesla did not even talk about this camera, it did not.

Car Has Boarding Feature

Tesla Model 3 does not have a key. The car that you define in your mobile phone for everyday use will be locked when you are approaching with Bluetooth LE, when you turn it on and off. So you will have your key cell phone.

Driver Profile in the Cloud

Just as there are many luxury cars today, Tesla also has driver profiles. This profile prevents several people using the same car from making their own settings each time.

Rear Seats Leaning Storage Area Can Grow a Hay

Model 3 is not a hatchback like the Model S. Moreover, it is quite small, like a Model S. He had brought a lot of questions about this storage area, but the lounges that were delivered the first time were able to shift seats according to the views we received, and when they bend over, there is a huge storage space for you.

Standard 18 “Aero Rims Covered And Removable

For the time being, the model 3 comes standard with 18 “aero wheel rims. According to the expression of a Tesla engineer with model 3, which is held by an enthusiast in Supercharger, these aero wheel rims provide 10% consumption advantage on the freeway by reducing air friction.

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