Hyundaı resim

Sister company Kia’s Soul EV might have a longer warranty than the loniq Electric by two years, but five is still impressive and in many ways proves Hyundai is putting their money where their mouth is in a relatively untested powertrain. However, that’s not the best bit. The car itself is well laid out, practical, with a surprisingly large boot and ample space for passengers. Hyundai really has gone to some effort and that’s clear. The best bit, though, is the way it drives. Simply put, Hyundai has created a bit of a torque-fuelled animal, accessible via a sports mode with copper- trimmed gauges. It’s fast and a lot of fun.

and the e-Golf is a genuine hoot to drive in a spirited manner. Overall, this is the full EV package. The only criticism that might be levelled at it, is its relatively uninspiring range, but compared to the competition here, it’s more than a match at least. Next year may be a different story though.

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