The Kyburz erod made its UK debut this November, bringing this unique electric sports car into the British public eye.

The erod is not necessarily a vehicle that even the UK EV community have heard about yet, but now that it has arrived in the UK, it is quickly generating interest from not only the EV community, but also kit-car and motorsport enthusiasts.

This is certainly a vehicle that gets attention. Built purely for fun and with a big dose of raw driving pleasure, the road- legal erod is set to revolutionise both the weekend-car and kit-car markets.

Petrolhead-types worried that the rise of electrics means the end of pure driving pleasure need look no further, as we now have an electric car built just for that purpose. It is an ideal addition for those looking for a racing feel on the street, which can also easily be driven to and from track days. Trust me, you’ll want to take it onto the track!

The lightweight two-seater is visually striking, with a minimalist, sporty design.

Completely doorless, entrance to the vehicle involves simply stepping over the side bar of the chassis, sitting down, and strapping into the 4-point harness of the OMP racing seats. The controls are not overly complicated, with your typical dashboard information presented on a small driver-facing screen placed in the area between the two seats. Steering is responsive and not too light, giving a nice balanced sense of control. Perfect if you want to show off around tight corners.

The bonnet and bodywork come in white as standard with a choice of stripe colours. Other hues are available as a custom option, as well as a range of additions that will be released with the announcement of the UK-market model.

Although the strongest point of a car with this amount of power will never be straight-line speed, the erod seriously packs a punch when you put your foot down, accelerating from 0-50mph in just 4 seconds. The openness of the vehicle, plus its low ride height also gives the impression that you are travelling at a greater speed than you actually are. Although it has excellent handling, the ride is also remarkably comfortable. This is achieved through the low down centrally mounted battery system.

I n the future, I expect to see a lot of these cars at UK circuits for experience days, especially as electric cars give circuits the opportunity to monetise their required “silent” days.

Kyburz AG is an SME founded in Switzerland in 1991 by owner and CEO Martin Kyburz. The company design and produce electric vehicles for industrial and delivery purposes, as well as for commercial use. 11,000+ Kyburz vehicles are currently in use around the world, with the best-known model being a delivery vehicle for the postal service.

I travelled to the beautiful little town of Freienstein, close to Zurich Airport in order to bring the first erod into the UK. First encountering the erod back at the start of summer during the Evodays event in Belgium, I found myself wanting more and more driving time behind the wheel of this little electric beast. Since then, I have travelled over to Switzerland on several occasions, taking the car out on winding Swiss countryside roads, as well as into the centre of Zurich.

But for me, the ultimate way to experience the surprisingly-comfortable erod is on a handling circuit. We spent a day doing just that in Germany and I can confirm that this car really lends itself to cornering. In fact, with the possibility of race-spec versions on the horizon, I have high hopes of an erod motorsport series in the future. With the right tyres they really drift well too, if that’s your thing.

As for driving on the road, it’s a car definitely well-suited to the summer months, however, the brave can enjoy it year-round (the Swiss Kyburz team love taking it out in the snow). Goggles are of course a necessity at all times, but I would also recommend a good hat and mask to keep warm in the colder months.

A helmet is not a requirement, but you might want to keep one around (motorcycle, not race) if you are worried about stones and other flying debris on major roads. However, the aero does deflect the air up and over the top of your head, so it’s not likely to cause too much of a problem.

The erod is perfectly comfortable, even on major roads. It’s not the kind of car you’d want to drive on long motorway jaunts (unless you want a face full of truck fumes) but it feels safe and sturdy enough to do so if needed. Caution and vigilance are sensible around big trucks that might not be able to see you too well, due to being very low to the ground.

But really, the erod lends itself to those classic winding country roads, so I would always suggest those wherever possible. It was built for taking the ‘scenic route’, after all.

Pricing is still to be announced, with the car available complete or as a kit. In fact, at the moment it is the only electric car on the market that can be purchased as a kit. As the system works on a reasonably low 96 volts, it is safe to be built by anyone, not just the pros.

The model currently residing in the UK is left-hand drive, with the first right-hand drive model (Serial number 001) due to go to the very first official erod UK customer in 2018.

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