Educational and autonomous vehicle launched for universities

BRITISH business StreetDrone has launched a new autonomous vehicle specifically designed to allow engineering students to gain hands-on experience developing the next generation of transport.

Despite global automotive and technology companies investing heavily in autonomous systems for their future vehicles, there is a considerable shortfall in the number of skilled workers worldwide who can help develop the technology that is already being tested on our streets – StreetDrone aims to change that.

Their product, known as the StreetDrone ONE, is the first affordable autonomous-ready electric car on the market and has been developed in partnership with Renault specifically as an educational tool.

Engineering students will be able to test existing software and design their own to make future autonomous cars more efficient, safe and affordable – and will gain practical industry experience in the process.

Mark Preston. CEO of StreetDrone, commented: “StreetDrone ONE means that everyone can become a part of the autonomous revolution.”

Preston is a pioneer in this field of automotive teams, having established one of the founding teams in the F1A Formula E Championship and having previously worked in Formula 1. The StreetDrone ONE, which is based on the Renault Twizy electric vehicle, is now available for pre­order and will be available to UK universities from August 2017.

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